A Sticker Story. A True One.

A story (a completely surreal one, but true nonetheless):

I (Bree/Tex) was sitting at a get-together tonight speaking with a mutual acquaintance. When asked what I do for a living, besides “literary agent,” my role with Underneath the Juniper Tree came up. Except, instead of using the name of the magazine, I explained it as such: “I also co-founded and edit a macabre literature and art magazine for children.”

This person said to me: “Oh really? What magazine? I just recently heard of one like that.”

(Inside my head: “Well, it’s definitely probably not Juniper Tree.”) Me: “Underneath the Juniper Tree.”

Her: “Yea! That’s the magazine!”

Me: “Seriously? Where did you hear of it?”

Her: “I think it was on a sticker or something.”

Me: (stunned for a good few seconds) “Are you freaking serious? Was it in a movie theatre bathroom?”

Her: “YES!!!”


Not kidding, folks. I actually encountered someone who encountered one of our stickers.

Mind = blown.


Ps. Underneath the Juniper Tree’s MONSTER STICKER PARTY!


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